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I'm writing on your page because I need to reach out to the rail 
photographers and railroad fans for help. For years, we have provided 
the backdrop to countless photographers and provided yard access (both 
on the side of the depot and on our platform) to photographers. We have 
provided a warm / dry place to rest while waiting for the trains and 
given countless free tours over the years. Now it is your turn to help 
(please). The depot has developed a significant hole in the front eave 
and some major damage to three front windows and one door because of 
some roof damage we didn't know had returned. We also need to get the 
freighthouse roof done (trying for a membrane, but would settle for 
silver paint at this point) before winter sets in, which means we are 
dealing with a very short period of time. We are looking at a repair 
bill of between $6,500 and $7,000 for the repair to the tower (roof, 
eaves, windows, doors, decorative trim) and an additional $10,000 for 
the freighthouse roof and we need to come up with the funding by the end 
of September. In short, we need to raise nearly $20,000 in less than a 
month. Because the depot is on a 15 year land lease, we do not qualify 
for a bank loan, and there is no way to raise that kind of money through 
the bookstore which leaves us no choice but to reach out to the rail 
community for help. We have set up a funding site on the historic 
cambria website. For more information, go to

Meghan H. Dorsett

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