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Wed Sep 6 15:05:36 EDT 2017

  Concluding my search for an ideal radio scanner for trackside use I find
all hand-held such are too comprehensive and for the most part quite
difficult to program with poor reception except when weather conditions are
extraordinary. They are meant for an audience that wants to listen in on
much more than just railroad activity. None can offer the reach and clarity
that is available on
   I still intend to have with me at least one scanner (probably the most
recent acquired, a  Whistler WS1010 --- very easy to program) but will rely
on using my iPod tuned to RailroadRadio where wifi is available at home or
at a McDonalds or similar. From Abingdon it brings in both the Shenandoah
and Knoxville dispatchers plus the train responses and maintainence crews
activity when set to the Bristol setting.

Mike Pierry, Jr.
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