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The re-alignment did not take place prior to the end of the electrification. The new tunnel was the first part, and the re-alignment west of Maybeury took place after that. So there was never any problem with the wires. Based on the photos, it looks like PL's were not installed until after the wires were dropped. That probably would have made them the newest ones on the system. By the way: they did not become CPL's until years later.
Jim Nichols 

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 Thanks to Jim, Mason and especially Harry for the information.  Harry, I agree that the 01/01 date is suspect not only because of the foliage, but also, since the new tunnel wasn't opened until June, I don't think they could have removed the wire prior.  But that does bring up and interesting side question.  They were  re-aligning the grade from Northfork to Coopers for 2 or 3 years prior to ending electrified operations.  I assume much of the traffic though the old tunnel still needed electric units for the same reasons they were brought on in the first place, so I would further assume that to get the electrics where they needed to go, they had to maintain the whole electrified section actively while the construction was taking place by either moving components as they moved the right of way, or building new stuff, which seems a bit of a waste knowing that it was only going to be used for a couple years.  Did they de-electrify any of the main or branches prior to throwing the big switch when the new tunnel was placed in service?Also, I ran across archive item NW01199 (attached) labelled as Powhatan showing a signal bridge that was clearly build for the electrification (latticed supports) with PL signals, but the shot was obviously post electric operations because the wires are all gone, there are no other supports in site, and the tops of the supports that would have carried the high-tension lines have even been removed.  Can't draw any conclusions about my original proposition because there's no way to know if the PLs were installed prior to the end of electric operations, but environmental kudos to N&W for re-using infrastructure.  I'm still on the hunt for evidence of PLs being used in the electrified section.Jim Cochran
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  Jim:If you go to the NWHS website, you can view Negative NG100054made at Vivian, WV.  Catenary has been removed, but one semaphoreappears.  Note the trainman walking around Bottom Creek Curve.He may be en route to a telephone to get the dispatcher to "talk" himby the eastward signal.  Date shows as 01/01/1950, but with all thevegetation showing, that may not be correct date.     Harry Bundy
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