A PMCC member query regarding RPO postmarks - additional info request

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> Postmark Collectors Club (PMCC) member Question:   Paul, I have two
> circular date stamps (cds) that are RPO’s "Cols & Norf," one is from 1932
> and the other is from 1936 that have W.D. & E.D. in the place where the
> state is normally found and I was wondering if you could shed some light on
> them for me.
> My initial reply:   W.D. and E.D. may stand for 'Western Direction' and
> 'Eastern Direction' respectively; other designations might have been 'West'
> and 'East', or perhaps even 'W' and 'E'.   Another possibility for your
> W.D.  and E.D. designations would be if the route was subdivided because of
> its length  -   then the designations would be 'West Division' and ‘East
> Division'  respectively.
> Examples attached.   This could be a great PMCC Bulletin 'Question Corner'.
> PT
> Would need accurate routing maps and/or schedules dealing with Westbound
> and Eastbound Columbus & Norfolk trains.    Mind you this PMCC member did
> not attach postmark scans to his email query.    Could you shed additional
> light on this query ?
> Thank you
> Paul T
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From: Frank Scheer [mailto:f_scheer at yahoo.com]
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Subject: Re: A PMCC member query regarding RPO postmarks - additional info

Hello, Paul:

Thanks for your query.  The COLS & NORF RPO operated over the Norfolk &
Western Railway and was divided into an East and a West Division, split at
Bluefield, West Virginia.  I've attached a schedule page from 1932 so that
the cover owner can check the train numbers to see arrivals and departures
at stations.


Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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