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I'm just glad it wasn't standard practice. I much prefer the high mounted headlight on what I once heard called the "beer keg" headlight platform. That look was great to me. I guess I like what I call the "1937 look" of N&W steamers with the big HL bracket and the HL with the angled number boards on top. Many of my photos of that era show that arrangement and it always appealed to me.
I personally think the Pacifics were great looking engines and moving the headlight was awful.
Thanks for all your great info all the time, Ed.
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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jack -  I don’t know specifically about the 382, but there seems to have been ageneral movement to relocate headlights on smaller power during themid-1950s.  I have pictures os several Ms at Bristol with the lowered headlights.  I know that some M-2s were moved, as were the Clinch ValleyPacifics, 563 and 578.  I never saw any official word on it. EdKing  From: NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-ListSent: Sunday, June 26, 2016 7:30 PMTo: nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org Cc: NW Mailing List Subject: RE: M #382 at Bristol I know that at one time, the 382 must have been slated for scrapbecause N&W removed at least its builders plates for donation to PulaskiModel Railroad. They gave away a good deal of things, such as bells even. Maybe this explains the changes to 382.Aubrey Wiley

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Ed (or anyone else).

Curious when and especially whythe number plate on the Bristol based Class
M 382 was removed and replacedwith the lowered headlight. There must be an
interesting back story to thismodification.

Thanks, JohnGarner


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Jim - 

The M at Bristol that was fancied up wasthe 396. It was done for the
Bristol Centennial in 1956 (my Heavens ? wasthat sixty years ago?). It was
done with the full impetus of the local MPbosses. In fact, one of them
laid out and produced two five-pointed stars forthe cylinder heads to go
with the white running board edges. I think thatprobably company policy
wasn?t that stringent at that late date. This is thesame company policy
flouted by allowing Engineer Fitzhugh Nichols to put hisown whistle on the
Abingdon Branch engine. 

The 396 was not regular onthe Branch, because it lacked a superheater, but
it did get to West Jeffersonat least once while it was duded up. It was
kinda like putting a pink ribbonon the tail of a plowmule.



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