Just Where is "Buford's Gap" ?

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HOMEWORK: To the Sage-of-All-Sages, Mr. Aytsch Bundy: This is in your own backyard. So go find out who Buford was, where he lived and when, and who first associated his name with this unique geographical feature. For extra credit, find out if he has posterity still living in your 'hood, and go conduct an oral history interview.

Hey Abeie:
Even after Buford's was renamed Montvale (about 1890), the
telegraphic code remained "BU" -even into the 1950s.

Out of sight to the right of the photo showing Buford's Gap is Dewey.
So after I do  all this research (gratis that is), am I supposed to
resurrect Thomas E. and ask him if he had a connection ?

Note the reference to the spring near Buford's Gap.  Every morning
en route to work from the mobile home  park at Thaxton, I'd stop
at that spring and fill up a gallon plastic jug to make coffee at
the office.  That is until one morning the Superintendent-Safety saw
me crossing the passenger station parking lot and wanted to know
what was in the jug.      Aitch Dubya Bundy

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