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FYI, As Gene writes, "Another Railroad Book". Thanks Gene! Regards, Norris Deyerle BRC, NRHSLynchburg, Va. 

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Subject: Another RR book
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Well, after receiving my email about the last RR book, one of our chapter members, a retired NS employee from Roanoke, recommended this one and I wanted to pass it along.  -Gene

Along those same lines, I would like to pass along to you another book that I enjoyed.  "Southern Railroad Man"  is conductor's N.J.Bell's first hand recollections of Civil War era railroading.  He spent time building and operating lines in and out of Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. He worked on several southern railroads from 1857 to 1894 when his career was cut short by an accident.  It is ironic that after all of the suffering that he endured throughout his working days, as he was getting off of a street car in Knoxville on his way home after coming off of a tour of duty on a passenger train he slipped on ice and injured himself to the extent that he could no longer work.
This book was written by conductor Bell as "Railroad Recollections for over Thirty-Eight Years" in 1896.  He only published a few copies for family and friends.  However one copy ended up in the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Library.  In time this manuscript was uncovered and ended up in the possession of James A Ward.  Mr. Ward edited this into the book that we have today.  In his edited version Mr. Ward has left original typos, misspellings, and grammar intact which adds to the readability.
The book was published by Northern Illinois University Press in 1994.  It can still be purchased from them.  Also Amazon has it for sale.  Both sources sell it for a reasonable price. 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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