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Were the markers lit during daylight hours or just when it got dark out?  How was this done if it got dark prior to the train stopping somewhere?  Was there a rule that governed when they were lit?

Also, how long would the kerosene keep the lamps lit before they had to be refilled?

Brent Greer 

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> Markers for passenger trains were changed at crew change points. 
> At Roanoke, there was a wall in the Trainmens' Register Room on the track-level floor of the station, immediately east of MH Telegraph Office, which had shelving built into it for markers. Every inbound Flagman took down his markers, and every outbound Flagman put up a fresh set of markers. 
> If I recall correctly, the north wall of this room had shelving for the Conductors' ticket boxes, and the east wall was for the markers. There was a table in the center of the room where a crew could sit down and take care of the paperwork. The west wall of the room had a large window cut into it, through which the Conductor and the Telegraph Operator could conduct their business (turning in of messages, picking up Train Orders and Clearance Card, etc.) I think the Bulletin Board was on the north wall, adjacent to the shelving for the Conductors' ticket boxes. The south wall, of course, faced No. 1 Station Track. 
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