K locomotives on the N&W main line

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The K class locomotives after the last three J's were built often served as protection in the event a J was not available. They also worked the Norfolk to Petersburg "Cannonball" (ACL train), local No. 23 (Roanoke to Williamson mail and express I think), and a Roanoke to Petersburg local train. In Norfolk and Western in Color Volume 1 they have a picture of a K2 on the Powhatan Arrow.

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> Other than the K engines that ran between Norfolk and Richmond Broad Street, how often were K locomotives used in passenger service elsewhere on the main line?  I had the impression that J-class locomotives were used and that K engines were relegated to branch lines to Durham, Winston-Salem, Hagerstown, and elsewhere.  I have attached a picture of N&W 124 at Farmville, unknown year.
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