K locomotives on the N&W main line

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K2s were the regular power on passenger service between Portsmouth, Ohio and Columbus Union Depot in Columbus, Ohio.
Others will be able to provide more specific details.

K1s were regulars on local freights in the fifties - dad distinctly recalls them switching Circleville, Ohio and how they would really “scat” leaving town westbound toward Columbus.  Compared to the other local power - M2s and the occasional Z, I have no doubt the difference was remarkable.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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Hello, all

Other than the K engines that ran between Norfolk and Richmond Broad Street, how often were K locomotives used in passenger service elsewhere on the main line?  I had the impression that J-class locomotives were used and that K engines were relegated to branch lines to Durham, Winston-Salem, Hagerstown, and elsewhere.  I have attached a picture of N&W 124 at Farmville, unknown year.

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Frank Scheer
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