Coal Facilities at Eccles, Itmann and Tralee

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I am not aware of any drawings of the tipples at Tralee, Itmann or Eccles.  The company store at Itmann still exists so it could be measured.

Itmann was owned and operated by the Pocahontas Fuel Company which and later owned by the Consolidation Coal Company

The Eastern Regional Coal Archives at the Craft Memorial Library in Bluefield, WV maybe helpful.  Also check the various industry magazines such as Coal Age.  The WV Department of Mines and its successors have information of tonnage produced, etc.

Tom Marshall



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I am currently planning a model railroad that is based on the Virginian between Clark's Gap and Harper, WV.  I am planning on modeling the large processing and loading facilities at Tralee, Itmann, and Eccles, WV as they would have appeared during the early 1970s.  Can anyone offer suggestions on where I might find dimensional data on the structures that existed at these locations?  My understanding is that Eccles was operated by Winding Gulf Coals, Itmann was operated by Itmann Coal Co. (affiliated with Consolidation Coal?) and Tralee was operated by the Semet-Solvay Division of Allied Chemical during the early 1970s.  I searched the internet for corporate history related to these companies and found archives for Consol Energy and Westmoreland Coal (affiliated with Eccles).  However,  I could not find specific information for the facilities I am interested in.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Russ Gaus

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