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Fri Sep 11 10:07:45 EDT 2015

I'm building a model of the Lick Creek bridge between Boody and St. Paul.  I
understand from the NWHS Clinch Valley District book that it's a 3 section
plate girder so I need 2 piers.  Being unable to locate a photo, I'm having
to guess at the shape of the piers.  I guess the goods is that lacking any
photographic evidence nobody is likely to argue with my choice either. J


So. I'm looking for an educated guess of what the piers probably look like.
Are the ends rounded, pointed or squared?  Do they taper from bottom to top?
Are all 4 sides tapered or only 2?  Should there be a visible footing at the
bottom and what would it's shape be?


Carl Woods

Richmond, VA


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