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Does anybody have documentation, like manuals, for the PL-2? It would be helpful to a couple of people restoring them, and would help fill some gaps for a few other people and their documentation collection. 

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Please contact me off-list. I can provide you with large amounts of other material on this subject unearthed during my researches. E.g. US&S catalog drawings, articles from engineering publications, the manufacturer's technical publications, and the like. My email addy is pravoslavna at gmail dot com 

I get questions like this about once a year, and really should put together a little monograph which covers the subject in as much detail as I know, so I don't have to "double the hill" every time. 

I enjoy working on arcane, off-the-beaten-path topics like the present one.  The benefit is that there are few people who dare to reprove one's information or one's surmises, and the bloviators and weenies go the other way.  The drawback is that there is almost no one to serve as a sounding board for one's theories.

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