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Just go hang out on Foamer Bridge or Foamer parking Garage in Downtown 
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> Double thanks to the list ...
> Jim Nichols for his info on freights traversing Roanoke while pax were 
> unloading. The south track you mentioned ... is that the farthest of 
> the tracks southward from the Roanoke Station? I presume that track 
> would have led either to Winston-Salem or to Lynchburg. Is that correct?
> Also, the info on the J servicing hit the spot ... Jim quickly cleared 
> that gray area for me. BTW ... Those drive thru coal towers both saved 
> lots of train traveling time and is from where McDonald's got its idea 
> for drive-thru chow ... refueling is refueling no matter how you cut it.
> And thanks to Alex Schust for the info on the NRHS non-compete 
> standard for the email list. I'll just pull my Honda over on the side 
> of I-81 and promote my RR books under my "J-A-Y-Power-Forever Beach 
> Awning. Daggone ... there should be a crowd in no time! I just hope 
> the first of the Highway Patrol big-hatted troopers is a serious, no 
> holds barred railfan, too.
> In all seriousness ... I truly appreciate the great info I get on here 
> ... Bob
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> Question one:
> There were mainline tracks just south of the Roanoke station, so a 
> train on a station track did not tie up the railroad. BTW: there were 
> four station tracks, plus the mainline tracks.
> Questiontwo:
> Norfolk to Cincinnati trains changed engines at Roanoke. The interline 
> Southern trains used a single engine from Lynchburg to Bristol. A J 
> running from Roanoke to Cincinnati would get coal at 
> Prichard.(probably water too) Ashes were dumped and certain fittings 
> were lubricated during the station stop at Bluefield (in addition to 
> taking water) I assume that similar servicing was done at Williamson 
> and Portsmouth,?N&W was a pioneer in running passenger steam over more 
> than one division. That is one reason for the early use of big tenders.
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