What is the line between Bristol and Radford called

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Norfolk Southern. It was 'the route' when double stack container trains were being routed Chicago - Norfolk. The Columbus,OH - Bluefield route still had many low tunnels. That has since been corrected by the well publicized tunnel enlargement program.   
The line from Radford to Bristol is identified as the Pulaski District, but in
older timetables, it was ID'ed as a Sub-division with a number.  I can't
recall the number.

Had it not been for double stacks, I doubt the line to Bristol would have
ever seen more than a six-days-a-week local.  In the last months before
the NW/Southern merger, N&W was interchanging an average of only six
cars a day with the Southern at Bristol.  N&W tried to tease Southern into
running their Chattanooga-Washington traffic via Bristol, then N&W to Monroe,
Mileage-wise and considering the crew districts involved, it would have
been a real  benefit, but Southern was only interested in a direct
connection to Chicago.     Harry Bundy

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