NYC Sleeper on Post 1954 Powhatan Arrow in Steam Era

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Every time I saw Nos. 25/26, it was an
all tuscan red consist.  This may not be
the answer, but consider the terminating
points for The Arrow -- Cincinnati (a 
connection with the NYC) and Norfolk,
location of the Naval Air Station, Naval
Operating Base, Little Creek Amphibious
Base and Oceana NAS.  During the summer,
reservists would put in two weeks of active
duty at these stations.  Railroads were
obliged to furnish sleeping accommodations
for the service men traveling. Problem was
that most of the lightweight equipment was
already committed to scheduled passenger
service.  In railroad lingo, troop movements
were known as MAIN trains (MAIN-Military
Authorization Identification Number).

In August, 1964, N&W delivered to NS Rwy.
at NS Junction MAINS 1151-1152-1153-1154.
Sorry I didn't get the N&W engine numbers,
but I was posted at Camden Heights to 
prevent the PRR from occupying the main
track.  The reservists were en route to
Little Creek Amphibious Base with the
following consist:
FEC 499
SPAINISH RANGE (blt. 1924)
LAKE MONONA (BLT 1924 for the Orient Ltd.)
CLOVER VIEW (Blt. 1911)
LAKE MERRITT (blt. 1923)
SENTINEL RANGE (blt. May, 1930).

That The Arrow had but one car may
have meant a smaller contingency of
naval personnel was traveling.
                     Harry Bundy         


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