Two More Bridge ID's Needed

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Yes, track chart indicates the bridge on the Welch Loop over the Tug 
Fork was #893.

Grant Carpenter
On 10/20/2014 9:15 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> The ICC Valuation for West Virginia starts at Flat Top Yard on the 
> Tazewell County/Mercer County Border with Bridge No. 844. There is a 
> separate ICC Valuation for the portion of the railroad in Virginia 
> between Bluefield, VA to the border in Flat Top yard. I think there is 
> a separate ICC Valuation for Bluefield Yard that may go all the way 
> back to the East River crossing.
> Bridge Numbers went into place around 1892. The original main line 
> would have crossed the Tug Fork at Welch on the passenger line bridge 
> and stayed on the south side of the Tug Fork until the track was 
> realigned and double tracked beginning around 1903-1905. The Welch 
> tunnel was bored around 1910 resulting in a second bridge at Welch 
> (No. 893-A). According to 1950 track chart (1956 Revision) This Bridge 
> No. 893-A  is 26 ft by 306 ft. The only nomenclature for the first Tug 
> Fork Bridge on the track chart is TF Bridge. The referenced track 
> chart only shows one Bridge as No. 893-A.
> The realignment/double tracking resulted in a number of new bridges 
> between Welch and Wilmore (and probably further) which you can tell by 
> all of the bridges with the suffixes A, B, C, etc attached to the 
> bridge number.
> My assumption is since Bridge No. 891 was between Superior and 
> Maitland, Bridge No. 892 was replaced by a 12 by 14 box culvert that 
> would leave the first bridge across the Tug Fork as Bridge No. 893. I 
> think we can prove or disprove that assumption by looking at the 1916 
> ICC Valuation tables.
> Harry, if you want to check for actual bridge numbers before the next 
> archives session it should be in  ICC Valuation 13WVA or 13WV 
> Structures Main Line.
> Alex
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> Image 5290 is located in downtown Petersburg, VA and carries the N&W 
> old main over Lieutenant's Run.
> *Bridge 28, a 32 foot trestle.
> As far as Welch goes, there are two Bridge 893-As shown. One
> is a 26' X 30' girder, one is for WV route #8. Remember, as
> originally numbered, the bridges went from #1 1 to Br. #355
> over Rte. 645 at Bristol.     Harry Bundy
> *

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