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this will give you a good start.

The N&W signals were all yellow color first, but started modding them to 
color lights removing the center light on most.
The rules for the aspects fairly stayed the same (but various rules and 
interpretations over time changed..or changed back from a change, heh)

If you understand basic signaling the N&W signals basically follow the 
general universal signal rules of simple color lights but with a variety 
of differrences. The number of heads and lights on the head are 
distinctive to what the signaling was needed for the location, if an 
aspect was not needed, no lights were provided to display it. So you see 
some of the signals with the lower head having say 3 angled lights, then 
there's another with the full circle back and a full head of lights. 
Call it efficiency of need, don't need it, don't light it.

Do not confuse the Pennsyvania signals with the N&W signals, tho they 
use the same head designs, the rules are quite differrent. (for modeling 
purposes you can buy position light signals and they function both for 
Pennsy and N&W)

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> Signals for dummies
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> A signal like the one in the attached photo is/was positioned at the 
> end of the siding at Tacoma, VA (visible as you are leaving the siding 
> and going back onto the single track main).  I'm interested in 
> understanding how it would be used and what the signal at that 
> location coming from the other direction would look like and how it is 
> used.
> I'd also be interested in any documentation explaining (again for 
> dummies) the various aspects and the rules associated with them.
> Carl Woods
> Richmond, VA

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