Handling of Clearance Cards on the N&W and VGN

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What were the N&W and VGN practices on recording Clearance Cards? Did the Train Dispatcher record "the clearing of trains" in his Train order Book? Or did the event go without record?

Rule 221(d) in the Rule Book effective 11/18/51 makes no mention of recording Clearance Cards. When
the Rule Book of 3/01/1981 became effective, Rule 221 (d) read in part "The operator must fill out a
Clearance Card before clearing a train, showing thereon, the total number of train orders and messages,
if any, and the number of each train order for delivery to the train. Operator will then repeat this
information to the train dispatcher, WHO MUST CHECK THE CORRECTNESS THEREOF AGAINST
RECORD IN THE TRAIN ORDER BOOK . . . . . . . Can't speak for VGN rules or rules in effect before
the Nov. '51 issue, but looks as if nothing was recorded, only checked. According to the Standard
Code of Rules, transmission of Clearance Card data was to be checked and recorded.

As for the second question -- what was published before Nov. 18, 1951, I can't say because that's
the oldest N&W rule book I have at Bonsack. N&W didn't identify the Clearance Card as Form A.

>From the Clearance Cards I have, neither did Southern, NYO&W, or SAL. L&N did. HWBundy

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