Handling of Clearance Cards on the N&W and VGN

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Mr. H. Bundy, here's a research project for you.

What were the N&W and VGN practices on recording Clearance Cards? Did the Train Dispatcher record "the clearing of trains" in his Train order Book? Or did the event go without record?

For an extra-credit question, maybe you can find out how many different types of Clearance Cards were used by the N&W and the VGN in the early days. (Some of the larger railroads used Clearance Forms A, B, C and D, each on a different color paper and each for a different situation... passing a Train Order signal; entering a Permissive Block; passing a home signal or block signal which could not be displayed; and passing an open office "when the means of communications have failed.")

-- abram burnett

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