Class J Mechanical Engineer Names

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Most certainly.

The caption from the N&W Magazine was (this was the foreground folks)

From left: I. E. Evans, draftsman, Guerdon P. McGavock (back to the camera), assistant mechanical engineer, Voyce C. Glaze (facing McGavock), chief draftsman. It noted that 14 of the 16 draftsmen were shown in the photo.

Gordon Hamilton added a few names of the folks in the background of the photo behind the identified folks behind and to the right, as Frank C. Miller (no relation), Broughton G. Finnell and Mark W. Faville, the man at the back wearing a dark vest is believed to be Holland Persinger.

Hopefully this will give some help

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> Mr. Miller,


> May I have your permission to use the photo of the drafting department you provided, along with some of the information as a caption for the picture?


> Thank you !

> Evette Yates


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>> Class J Mechanical Engineer Names


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