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This falls in the category of "something else". When
traffic through Roanoke Jct. gets hyper OR there are
no tracks to yard trains at Shaffers Crossing, it
results in "hold outs". Remember, if you hold a train
out, road crossings should be kept clear. For trains
moving west on the Blue Ridge District, the hold out
point is Berkley Bottom, clearing the Berkley Road
crossing. From that point east to Layman Road,
there's room for trains of 180-plus cars, blocking only
one crossing -- and that's a private crossing.

Because of some hang-up in Roanoke, one of the NWHS
members has seen five trains east of Berkley Road
waiting to come in.

Jimmy Lisle -- Is initial and final terminal overtime still
in the contract ?
Harry Bundy

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