Shenandoah Junction in 2014

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Since NS and CSX stopped interchanging freight at Shenandoah Junction, the usefulness of the junction has apparently come to an end. Yes, NS tracks are still there, but in 2013 rails at the CSX switch were removed. The switch is still there, but not usable unless the sections of rail are put back. I would not be surprised if CSX removes the switch. On occasion, NS will park maintenance equipment on their former interchange tracks. For several years now, all freight is interchanged in Hagerstown.

--Rick Morrison

Ben Blevins wrote:

It has just occurred to me that maybe this is the reason that
Shenandoah Junction is still there. When I've worked there, I
wondered why it was still there. An alternative route in case of an
emergency does make a lot of sense.
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