Arthur VA near Elliston

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Looking at the topography, It would appear that this curve was the original alignment to avoid a cut, and that the cut was made at a later date to straighten out the line. (Just my guess, but it makes sense) Have no idea when the realignment took place.

Jim Nichols

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I have a question I would like to pose to those who know.

There is an alternate alignment on the Christiansburg grade at Arthur.
I have walked this grade, and it is a very old grade.  My question
is, is this the remains of an old shoofly track, or is it the original

I don't see where a shoofly track would have ever been necessary, as
the cut it bypasses isn't really that high in the first place, but it
is long.  But, I could be wrong.  The main reason I question it is
because the old grade is built very substantial in my opinion, and
doesn't look like something temporary the way the Shawsville shoofly
grade does.

If it is the original alignment, then when was the new alignment built?

I've attached a screenshot of Google Earth showing it.  Keep in mind,
this is Arthur, not Shawsville.

Ben Blevins

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