Arthur VA near Elliston

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I've never noticed this before and am very interested in learning more about
it. The oldest topographical map I could find for the area was 1937 and the
tracks were shown on the current alignment.

Jeff Hawkins

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> All,

> I have a question I would like to pose to those who know.


> There is an alternate alignment on the Christiansburg grade at Arthur.

> I have walked this grade, and it is a very old grade. My question

> is, is this the remains of an old shoofly track, or is it the original

> alignment?


> I don't see where a shoofly track would have ever been necessary, as

> the cut it bypasses isn't really that high in the first place, but it

> is long. But, I could be wrong. The main reason I question it is

> because the old grade is built very substantial in my opinion, and

> doesn't look like something temporary the way the Shawsville shoofly

> grade does.


> If it is the original alignment, then when was the new alignment built?


> I've attached a screenshot of Google Earth showing it. Keep in mind,

> this is Arthur, not Shawsville.


> Thanks,

> Ben Blevins



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