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The signal at Seaman is for westbound trains; Seaman is on the tough part of Irvington Hill just west of the reverse curves of “Sally’s Backbone”. The restricting is obviously intended to keep a westbound from having to stop and proceed on the hill.

Evidently the sidings at Mount Zion have been removed, since this signal cannot display an “approach medium” indication which it could when the siding was present. It can display an “advance approach”, however.


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Made a return trip to the Cincy district a couple weeks ago and had a few questions about things I saw and photographed. The first picture shows a neat sign at Mt. Orab station. The second photo was taken just West of Sardinia and shows the Eastbound signal I would have expected, but the Westbound has a marker that I didn't expect to see. My guess is there's a branch/siding somewhere West of this point that I didn't observe. Anybody know why the marker is needed here? Third shot is of the base of the electric cabinet. Notice the bracket at the very bottom extending front to back on the left side with up-curving ends. I've seen this on a few cabinets up there but don't remember seeing this type bracket on signals on other parts of the line. Anybody know the purpose? Fourth picture is East of Sardinia and shows a moment frozen in time when CPLs were being replaced by the Southern style signals. The heads of the newer signals were still turned so they hadn't gone into use yet, but the arms are missing on the CPLs?! (see next shot). Can anyone supply a timeframe for when this replacement might have been in progress? Seems as though it might have been right as the decision was being made to mothball the line. The last photo is at Seaman and shows that the signals here are capable of showing the restricting aspect, which is different from the other siding signals I've encountered. Can anyone comment on why this location may have been special?
Jim Cochran


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