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The route begins to follow the New River (initially Claytor Lake) several

> miles closer to Pulaski (between Draper and Delton) than the location of

> the Hiwassee trestle across the River. This includes 2 high trestles that

> run parallel to the River on a 2%+ grade headed from Delton to Draper (or

> toward Pulaski). Along the line over its history there were zinc, lead,

> and iron ore mines. Additionally there were iron furnaces, chemical, paint

> pigment, lumber, and furniture industries and lots of agriculture. It had

> significant traffic for many years including passenger trains pulled by E's

> and freight trains that at times pulled by Y's. Virtually all of my

> father's ancestors settled in this area during the 1700's.

​Another plug -- see what I have collected about the North Carolina Branch

Track charts, maps, and photos galore.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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