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Now that you mention equilateral turnouts, that makes sense. All the
places I've seen that can give a Diverging Clear had either an equilateral
turnout or at least a #15 turnout or better.

Ben Blevins
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> Ben & others,

> The *double track* from Vesuvius to Pkin was signaled in one

> direction only on each track. If going north on the northbound track (right

> side facing north), there was a control signal at the south end, an

> intermediate signal at 167.something and a control signal at Pkin. So,

> there were two blocks. This was the normal "*current of traffic*". All

> signals would show clear if you were lined up all the way. Going north on

> the southbound (*against the current of traffic*) track, all you could

> get was a diverging approach, even if you were lined all the way through

> with the signal at Pkin showing clear. There was no signal at the

> intermediates when running against the current of traffic. It was the same

> if going south at Pkin. Note that you were running effectively on an

> approach signal and had to be prepared to stop at the other end. If going

> north this was no problem as there was a lot of room and very good sight

> distance from the last curve to the signal. Going south really slowed you

> down as there not much more than about a quarter mile of sight distance

> from the last curve to the signal and trees also obscured the view.

> When they started changing the signals, they took out the intermediate

> signals. So, now they only had one block between Vesuvius and Pkin. Running

> with the current of traffic you would get a clear at each end if lined

> through in either direction and still only a diverging approach at the

> beginning signal if running against the current of traffic. Again, slow

> running as above.

> Later on they got nice and added the diverging clear aspect to each

> signal. This was a big help coming south and you could now fly downhill on

> the northbound track knowing the southend was lined up for you.

> Most of our sidings displayed a clear signal exiting the sidings. As the

> sidings were only good for 10 mph anyway, entering the siding and running

> on a diverging approach signal didn't make any difference.


> Jimmy Lisle



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