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Ben & others,
The _double track_ from Vesuvius to Pkin was signaled in one
direction only on each track. If going north on the northbound track
(right side facing north), there was a control signal at the south end,
an intermediate signal at 167.something and a control signal at Pkin.
So, there were two blocks. This was the normal "/current of traffic/".
All signals would show clear if you were lined up all the way. Going
north on the southbound (/against the current of traffic/) track, all
you could get was a diverging approach, even if you were lined all the
way through with the signal at Pkin showing clear. There was no signal
at the intermediates when running against the current of traffic. It was
the same if going south at Pkin. Note that you were running effectively
on an approach signal and had to be prepared to stop at the other end.
If going north this was no problem as there was a lot of room and very
good sight distance from the last curve to the signal. Going south
really slowed you down as there not much more than about a quarter mile
of sight distance from the last curve to the signal and trees also
obscured the view.
When they started changing the signals, they took out the
intermediate signals. So, now they only had one block between Vesuvius
and Pkin. Running with the current of traffic you would get a clear at
each end if lined through in either direction and still only a diverging
approach at the beginning signal if running against the current of
traffic. Again, slow running as above.
Later on they got nice and added the diverging clear aspect to each
signal. This was a big help coming south and you could now fly downhill
on the northbound track knowing the southend was lined up for you.
Most of our sidings displayed a clear signal exiting the sidings. As the
sidings were only good for 10 mph anyway, entering the siding and
running on a diverging approach signal didn't make any difference.

Jimmy Lisle

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