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yeh, ok,
N&W has a more 2 head color light treatment or similar to what
semaphores were.
I think I need to see a dedicated 50s rulebook, but I don't think
specific aspects changed that much thru the years especially in 1967,
N&W was "colorizing" the position signals but not
changing to the CPL standard.

Again where signals are located what and how many heads and lights vary
to the circumstance and often when you didnt need a certain aspect for a
specific location there may not be lights present to do the non needed
aspect, more an economical move and "why have a light when not needed".
Thats how I look to treat my layout signals, I have working single
targets right now for the Milwaukee portion. (not N&W portion)
I think railroad signals is a big lacking research in the book world,
these websites do help tho.
Not enough of them and rulebooks at train shows a tough find.
Most railfans were out photoshooting their fav steam engines and not
pointing at the signals.

When I get to signaling the N&W portion I have to decide how the signal
aspects need to be, its semi-freelanced to get the spirit of the line in
and be accurate where possible.


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> Ok Lynn,

> Use this link:

> http://cg-tower.com/nwsignal/operations/signalrules/1967signalrules.htm


> and compare it to your own link:

> http://www.railroadsignals.us/rulebooks/prr56/index.htm


> and you will see the difference.


> Jimmy Lisle

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