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I would like to thank the contributors of the signal discussions.  I am mystified but less so now.  Here are some thoughts I have:
1)  Two CPL heads on the same post over each other--are they combined into one "aspect"  like (making this up...)  Red over yellow means X and green over yellow means Y or are they independent
as in red up top means main line stop but yellow means diverging has train two blocks ahead? 
2) 4 CPL heads on the Y post...double track main with crossover...first of all, is that what signal design you would see?  Second, right side is green over red (again making up some aspect) is that a combo or do they refer to the two different tracks...
I have trouble with the signal books in NWHS--I see the signals but have no idea what the track plan would look like beside the signal.
I ache to have signals on my N&W Guyandotte Division but I am not sure what goes where.  Right now my signalling is, "Hey, ya'll, watch out over there...!  The beauty of a small layout...
I don't know if anyone can make sense of this or make me understand signalling on the N&W.  You are welcome to try.  I know simple answers and signals don't go together. 
I guess the upside is maybe nobody could criticize my layout 'cause nobody knows either!
Love you all,
Mike Shockley
N&W Guyandotte Division (dark)
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