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Ed Svitil,

Actually the JMJ film is 611's return to Roanoke from Birmingham, AL.
Technically it wasn't a re creation of the Arrow, just happened to have an
all Tuscan consist. 611's actual second revenue run north to Alexandria
wasn't a recreation of the Tennessean either, again, just happened to have
a lot of former Southern cars in the consist.

The JMJ Productions film is probably my favorite pre-1986 footage of 611.
As a side note to that, if you have the DVD copy there is additional
footage of a 1984 Jacksonville, FL to Valdosta, GA run featuring some fast
running on the return.

On September 16, 1989 the Roanoke Chapter NRHS sponsored a Roanoke-
Lynchburg round trip and a Roanoke- Walton round trip with eight coaches
that were built for the Powhatan Arrow. The only cars in the consist that
weren't pure N&W were the famed Mardis Gras (IC) and Devil's Lake (GN)

Reference the December 1989 Trains magazine for two nice photos of 611 and
Arrow consist by Alan M. Miller.

I contacted Ron at Mainline Motion Pictures and will be ordering the DVD
with the 1989 footage.

Thanks all!

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"
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