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Pete -

Where do you get your horsepower figures? The rating for the Y-6 was worked
out using train resistance formulae and the actual topography of the
territory by Dave Stephenson and published in the Arrow. There was never a
7000 horsepower figure put out for the A. The first test was 6300 which
Engineer of Tests Bob Pilcher felt was too high. He felt the A was actually
in the 5300 horsepower range and that the dynamometer car's recording
mechanism was in error. The A was not a Y "modded for speed". The only
feature the A shared with the Y was the tender (and maybe the electical
system, and stuff like that).

One has to be careful tossing "facts" around among folks who don't know much
about the N&W. They're like football players who pick up a fumble and run
with it.


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Query: "Again the A class was essentially a Y modded for speed . . ." The
boilers (the most important part of a steam loco, I'm finally beginning to
realize) were very different - 5500 HP or so for a Y6 and 7000 HP or so for
an A; also very different in design, particularly, the fireboxes.

pete groom
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> There was purpose behind designs, the Big Boy was meant to tackle Sherman

> Hill, it has larger drivers for speed not to just get over the grades but

> out west is a lot of land to cover and get over it as fast as possible.


> N&W had numerous tough grades and perhaps harder curves, speed was not

> exactly the big handle to get over its grades than to get as much tonnage

> over as possible, double heading and pushers a common scene on the N&W.

> Again the A class was essentially a Y modded for speed and larger drivers

> for the not so mountaneous and level routes for speed, but they were put

> on the plodding Y6 runs as well.


> The railroads had their engines made -their- way for -their- purposes.


> The DM&IR had their yellowstones and were more powerful than the big boys,

> why...heavy ore trains, which can be far heavier than any coal train.


> -Lynn-

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