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There was purpose behind designs, the Big Boy was meant to tackle
Sherman Hill, it has larger drivers for speed not to just get over the
grades but out west is a lot of land to cover and get over it as fast as

N&W had numerous tough grades and perhaps harder curves, speed was not
exactly the big handle to get over its grades than to get as much
tonnage over as possible, double heading and pushers a common scene on
the N&W.
Again the A class was essentially a Y modded for speed and larger
drivers for the not so mountaneous and level routes for speed, but they
were put on the plodding Y6 runs as well.

The railroads had their engines made -their- way for -their- purposes.

The DM&IR had their yellowstones and were more powerful than the big
boys, why...heavy ore trains, which can be far heavier than any coal train.

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> Kenneth,


> And this is why I commented what I did earlier.


> People often compare engines between roads when really there is no

> real comparison to be made. The debate over the Challengers and "A"

> Class got to the point in the 1980's that Trains magazine and maybe

> Railfan & Railroad had articles on this and at least two video makers

> had videos out on the subject!


> I just find it foolish for people unaware of Roanoke's ideology to

> make comparisons.


> Jeff Lisowski


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