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That is why 4501 is being worked on as well; a mite more powerful
engine as well as a little bit more modern, not to to mention all the
extra new things being added to modernize it even more; feed water
heater and stoker being among the more visible new features but there
are a lot more. It should be nearly a new baby whenever it comes back,
now over 100 years old. Plus it will provide a steam backup as well as
a second excursion
platform from which to operate.

However, the diesel question remains of why having "two" diesels, not
just one? I understand dynamic braking, signals, etc. but why two?

Bob Cohen

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> The 630 is just not powerful enough!!


> Walter Gay

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>> What is the purpose of the two diesels--just in case precaution, extra power, or ...?


>> ~~Bernie Hylton

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