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While far from complete, the N&W did periodically produce those nice
little booklets which listed all the permanently assigned agents for
each and every station along their lines. Of course, they were only
produced every year or so and only named the permanently assigned
agent, but they do provide some level of a window into the entire
railroad. The Archives in Roanoke has some of them and some others are
in various collections, mine included and from having done some
chasing down of people and locales thru them, have had a lot of fun,
not to mention satisfaction in figuring out little details of when
stations might have been closed, not to mention other data regarding
the RR.

In addition, the Archives has a neat ledger book, with all
hand-written entries of the Shenandoah Division seniority and who was
assigned where and when; all hand-written. That was in a delicate
condition last time I saw it but a more complete document in terms of
who was where, when, etc. along with other notations sometimes as to
why someone was dismissed (Rule G), or other things like caught
sleeping; those two being items I remember from perusing the document.
No it is not digitized from my best knowledge.

Finding an occasional seniority roster is also instructive as well and
I am sure the archives has a few of them.

However, none will ever list all the relief agents and where they were
assigned up and down a division until they had enough seniority to
hold a permanent position on the railroad.

Bob Cohen

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