Early N&W Power and Rolling Stock

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I thank if you continue to dig into the archives you will find
most of the paint diagrams are available for this era. and will
answer most of you questions

Larry Evans
Kenova WV
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Thanks for the leads on the books.

Browsing through the archives, I wonder how were the PA Class coaches painted? Was Tuscan Red in use that early? Was the N&W lettering imitation gold?

Also, curious as to early power's paint schemes. Seems most late 19th century steam power was gaudy in nature, gold leafing, Russian Iron, etc. I know some of these engines I linked weren't directly N&W to begin with, but I wonder if they were as ornate as their western counterparts say in California and Nevada?

N&W U class 10 wheeler

AM&O American

L&D American

PA Class coach

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"


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