Early N&W Power and Rolling Stock

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I don't know when it started, but I do know that gold leaf was used for
passenger car lettering until replaced by imitation gold in the mid-1950's.
Locomotive lettering was imitation gold much earlier (at least by 1941), but I
don't know what it was before that. Probably a matter of cost versus wear.
Remember, passenger cars got a coat of varnish over the paint and lettering (in
those days), so the gold leaf had a little protection. Not so with locomotives..

Jim Nichols

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Thanks for the leads on the books.

Browsing through the archives, I wonder how were the PA Class coaches painted?
Was Tuscan Red in use that early? Was the N&W lettering imitation gold?

Also, curious as to early power's paint schemes. Seems most late 19th century
steam power was gaudy in nature, gold leafing, Russian Iron, etc. I know some of
these engines I linked weren't directly N&W to begin with, but I wonder if they
were as ornate as their western counterparts say in California and Nevada?

N&W U class 10 wheeler

AM&O American

L&D American

PA Class coach

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"
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