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Jim,  I do not know when the "Huff Mill" building was built (I agree it appears to be '40ish looking). I do know that I have seen 1950's era photos of the building with signal(parts), etc on the platform west of the building. Another interesting feature of the building was a crane (hoist) on the east end of the building, obviously for moving large, heavy objects to, or from, the second floor.
Abe, one other thing, the 1942 Yard Office was actually east of Park St. bridge in the open space between the EBRT and WBRT. West of the bridge, between the running tracks, there was a water standpipe, the concrete base of which is present today.

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I agree with you that Jeff did a great job with his research.

> Another question which arises out of this whole issue is this:  For what purpose, and when, was the building we presently know as "Park Street Yard Office" built?  To me, it always appeared to be late-1940s construction.  I do know that when the circa-1942 yard office was demolished by the runaway cars, the Yardmaster was moved immediately to this building.  But I could never determine its prior use.  Perhaps it was constructed for and used by whatever Department was housed at Huff Mill in its last days (Signal Department?)

At the time of the fire Huff Mill housed some Radford Division Jobs that were also transferred to the GOB. I have no idea where Park Street Yard office was located at this time.  Now we both know that the Radford Div and Roanoke Terminal had a direct connection from the AM&O days until the time we both left N&W Operating. So the yard office may have been located in the yard, Rad. and Shen. div office that burned or the Huff Mill location. At this point we can only speculate. I never worked at Park Street Yard office but a friend clerk was working the night of the runaway cars.  He ended up with a big window air conditioner on his back. He survived the wreck.

J. Blackstock

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