Park Street: 1936-1942 Question

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That is certainly a very good justification for the new system. Also, comforting to know that such an event will not shut down the whole division, or railroad.

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One the advantages of the new UTCS dispatch system being installed at NS, is that any desk on the system can be dispatched from any other dispatch office on the system and each dispatch office has a spare back-up desk.  So in the event of a fire or a chemical release in the yard, one VA div desk can be moved to Bluefield, another to Knoxville & another to Greenville.  This, in fact, was the major justification for UTCS.

Dick Kimball

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It has taken me a while, but I finally found the March 1934 N&W Magizne, which has a fairly detailed account of the fire which destroyed the Park Street Offices on March 1, 1934. The sub-headline says "Headquarters of Radford And Shenandoah Divisions Suffer Severe Damage In Night Blaze On March 1".
In my mind, I thought I was searching for the two relocated Dispatchers offices. The Shenandoah Dispatchers went to "GM" telegraph office in the General Office Building, and the Radford Divdision Dispatchers went to the telegraph offices at?"DO" in the 12th Street office in Roanoke Yard. Amazingly, the Dispatchers grabbed their train sheets and set up their connections at their respective "new" (temeporary)?offices within?THIRTY?minutes after the fire! Both divisions only experienced a 30 minute delay due to the fire. Today, it would take thirty days to set up all the committee meetings to study the question.
They were later moved to their new permanent locations. The Shenandoah Divn to the Freight Station, and the Radford Divn. to the fifth floor of the east wing?of the General Office Building. Also, the recently installed Dispatcher controls for?switches and signals at North Roanoke were destroyed, The North Roanoke telegraph office was re-opened and equipment installed for local controlled by telegraphers who were immediately sent to that location.

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