Radford munitions and the K3's

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I understand a little about the Radford Ammunitions plant and that the N&W K3's were used to service the plant. Did they move the munitions and passengers on the same trains, or did they move the munitions by themselves? How many worked there? How many cars and of what kind were in the passenger consists? The plant was started in 1940.

There's a photo of N&W's commuter train in the September, 1941 issue of the N&W Magazine (p.390).
Car numbers aren't discernable and I'm not a specialist in passenger cars, but it appears they aren't
air conditioned. According to the article, there were 2,400 people employed. BTW, the VGN also
had access to the plant on a now-abandoned branch that diverted from the main line near their Pepper
station Harry Bundy

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