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The original story also spoke of going from Phila. to Trenton via the Delair Bridge and the former PRR?Bordentown Branch to Trenton.? The Delair Bridge is a multi span through truss; built with a high
level swing span for river traffic; now with a vertical lift the size of the NH Buzzards Bay Bridge to Cape Cod.
The very tight radius wye which connected tracks on the NJ side to the Bordentown Branch are long gone, only the scarred ground shows evidence that it existed.? The branch itself is home to NJT's RiverLINE, a
diesel powered trolley which operates?between Camden and Trenton.? The passenger service shuts down approx. midnight to dawn to allow freight movements.? Finally, at Trenton, RiverLINE has a 2 track terminal west of the ex-PRR station.? The steep grade which once took trains from the branch into the station is still
there, but track has been removed.
Jerry Crosson

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