N&W in 1912--Close call

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 21, 1912

Wreck Narrowly Averted
Railroad men here on duty Friday night got a little more than the ordinary excitement when a loose car got away from the Standard Oil Company's siding at Bluefield and shot down the east bound track to Graham faster than John D. made his money. The dispatcher was advised of the wild car and he notified the operator on duty in the tower here, who in turn switched the car on the Clinch Valley branch and a wreck was narrowly averted for a double header freight train was approaching Graham on the same track that the loose car was on. The car ran all the way to Hockman, and after spending its force and stopping rolled back to the furnace, where a yard crew was sent out and hauled it in. The car was loaded with oil and had it met a train between here and Bluefield, there would evidently have been a fire.
Gordon Hamilton
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