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I have no idea as to what Mr. Cohen is talking about.
Password in the reminders that are sent out each month? What password is
he talking about?

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I have spoken with two of the moderators of this list to obtain their
permission for this posting and ask for other opinions regarding the
query I am posting.

Every month, we all receive our monthly reminder of the basic rules of
Etiquette and collegiality with which we are supposed to afford
ourselves when placing a post. As this group is a totally moderated
one, that usually doesn't come to the surface thankfully.

However, have you ever really read through that reminder you get.

My complaint is that one of the items should be of interest to all
persons who receive these postings.

The item in question is the posting in "plain language" of our
individual password where internet hackers can plainly stumble into it
and then proceed to wreck havoc upon whomever the receiver may be. I
have appealed to the moderators to not send out such an obvious
violation of on-line internet security to no avail and ask others here
for their approval.

We all know that we should have a zillion different passwords, write
them down someplace that only we can find, because to remember them
all is not the easiest to do, of course. I, too have sometimes
forgotten my password, but that is MY responsibility; to remember and
write it down.

However, I feel that the moderators, in this case are erring in this
judgment call and appeal for the change. We all should be individually
responsible for our own internet passwords and not be potentially
subject to the issues such an obvious security violation affords and
which is very easily rectified.

All I ask of the moderators when they send out that reminder on the
first of every month is not post our passwords. The rest of that
notice is at issue.

Thanks for your thoughts, now let's get back to what we all want;
finding out about some sort of railroad item we have long wanted to
learn about or share with others.

Thank you.

Bob Cohen
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