Internet Security and this list

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Mon Jun 13 08:00:25 EDT 2011

I think you bring up a good point.
I appreciate the moderators work to keep the spam off of the list (which is on
most other lists)...
I think I could do without the password reminder in the monthly email. Maybe
instead a link about how to "retrieve" your password if lost?

> However, I feel that the moderators, in this case are erring in this

> judgment call and appeal for the change. We all should be individually

> responsible for our own internet passwords and not be potentially

> subject to the issues such an obvious security violation affords and

> which is very easily rectified.


> All I ask of the moderators when they send out that reminder on the

> first of every month is not post our passwords. The rest of that

> notice is at issue.



> Bob Cohen

> ________________________________________


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