Early black diesel freight scheme logos

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All original N&W GP9's eventually got the plates. The pre-1958 units were
retrofitted when relettered with the gothic scheme. Beginning in 1958, all new
units were delivered with the gothic lettering and the plates for the heralds.
Redbirds 500-504 were originaly delivered in the 700 series in black with steam
era lettering and no plates. When reworked at Roanoke into the 500 series, hey
got the plates and the red paint. And, yes, all the GP9's and GP18's eventually
had the plates removed when the half moon heralds were applied (or the white NW
scheme, if they missed the half moon herald).

Jim Nichols

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(This discussion applies only to units purchased new by N&W pre-NKP/WAB/ACY/PWV

To my knowledge all the passenger GP-9’s originally had the round metal plates
on their ends with the script N&W emblem on them.  These round plates went away
when the units were repainted  and the ½ moon emblems were applied.  Many
freight GP-9’s (and GP-18’s?) also had the round plates with the script emblem
that likewise went away when the units were repainted.  I don’t know if all the
freight GP-9’s and GP-18’s) originally had the round emblem plates or not.  If
they didn’t it would be interesting to know where the cutoff point was with
delivery of the units.  Likewise the GP-9’s received in what I call the “steam
locomotive scheme” (Norfolk and Western on the side of the long hood and numbers
under the cab windows only – all in gold) obviously weren’t delivered with the
round emblem plates since there were no emblems. 300 series RS-3’s and RS-11’s
never had such plates due to having flatter hood ends than the EMD units.  Other
comments?  Corrections?
Ed Painter Narrows, Virginia – Living in Russellville, AR
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>I'm interested in the 'gothic' script logos applied to the locomotive ends of

>GP9's.  I had though that it was only the red passenger diesels that were fitted

>with 'shields' and that freight engine logos were painted on.  However I have

>now seen pictures of what appear to be black freight engines with the logo on a

>shield, was this universal does anyone know?


>The half moon logo does appear to have been just painted onto the loco ends,

>unless anyone can say different?


>Could anyone clarify these points? 




>Andy Thornton

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