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Based on the photos we've been examining in this investigation, from the
shape of its side sills that car is neither a BSb nor a B-8. The lettering
is too faded to read, but the car appears to be identical to the PRR car in
the picture on page 73, including the details of their doors.

Fortunately the "Seaboard" is clear with a magnifying glass in the picture
on page 71, so we don't have to wonder about that one, other than why a
Seaboard car is on the Tennessean.

Dave Phelps

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In the Norfolk and Western Passenger Service 1946-1971 book by Warden
revised by Miller there is a picture on pages 74 & 75 that shows the
in Bristol, VA in 1956 with, what appears to me, to be a B-8 box car
immediately behind the locomotive. The picture gives a fairly good view of
the side of the car.

Skip Sledge

In a message dated May 22 Dave Phelps wrote:

Yes, as you noted earlier in this thread, the five B-8a's with their
underframe were used in LCL service. As to B-8's in passenger mail storage
service, N&W apparently did prepare the drawing
Type Drawing Locator NW Mech Dwg - NW-D45856 Description Steel Details
for Box Car Class B8 for Temporary Mail Storage Car Date 10/23/1953
N&W Railway that's in the NWHS archives. Of course, whether the
conversion(s) were actually done, or were applied to some BSb's instead,
certainly don't know. Hopefully others may.

Dave Phelps

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Just to clarify, I don't think any B-8's were modified for use in
train service; there was a small group of cars that were in dedicated
less-than-carload (LCL) service; these would have most likely been in the
consists of local freights. LCL was not handled as such on passenger
that I am aware of.
Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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