Questions about N&W's ORDER 19 in Operating Rules during 1920s, etc.

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AFAIK, "Form 19" is just that; a form. It was(is) largely filled in by
hand by the operator from orders given by the dispatcher. From what I
recall of the few I've seen, there is a line for the date to be written in,
"Form 19" is printed on the paper, and there is a "To" with a line after
that. Most of the form is blank and the operator would write the

That's the way I remember them. Before the forms and Operator's
demise, the dispatcher would call the operator who then copied the order by
hand. The operator would then make carbon copies and have them hanging
around the desk. When clearing a train he would gather the specific number
designated by the dispatcher and group them together with a clearance card,
making enough sets as were needed for the crew.
For our CTC controlled district they mostly amounted to only speed
restrictions and such. Of course the Punkin' Vine crews got meet orders and
such mixed in.

Here is a link to what the form looked like:

I have a complete pack of these onion skins.

Jimmy Lisle

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