Questions about N&W's ORDER 19 in Operating Rules during 1920s, etc.

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Mon May 9 16:37:09 EDT 2011

I have several copies of Form 19 from the Norfolk, Franklin & Danville
Railway. I will be glad to scan one and send it to you.

Skip Sledge

Harry ~
It seems to me that the pocket size book N&W Operating Rules (rubber
stamped 41075, 128 pages) must not be the only RULES BOOK in use by N&W
years ago. I can't find any mention of Form 19 train orders in my book.
There must be some explanation. Thanks for all your helpful input ~ Don

At hand is the N&W Operating Rules eff. Jan 1, 1967(see pg. 5) which is 128
pages and there is no mention of Form 19 train orders. While I don't have
consecutive rule books, the one effective Nov. 18, 1951 does have a replica
of the Form 31 (and the Form 19). Sometime between those two dates, N&W
discontinued use of the Form 31 train order, leaving only the Form 19 in
effect. When the Form 31 was in effect, it was issued to the train whose
rights became restricted and required signature of the conductor. Remember
that before the order was transmitted, the dispatcher would direct each
operator which form to use.

There are a multitude of ways for two opposing movements to meet -- a "wait"
order designating the superior train to wait at station(s) until a specified
time allows the inferior train to advance with respect to the "wait"
time. Or it can be accomplished like the VGN Rwy did it -- without ever
issuing an order. The operation of Nos. 3 and 4 was so predictable that
orders were rarely issued. The designated meeting point in the timetable
was Nutbush and No. 3 would take siding, clearing the time shown for No. 4's
departure. If No. 3 was unable to clear No. 4's time, it would protect in
accordance with Rule 99 or wait at Victoria until No. 4 arrived. Harry Bundy


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