"Timed Freights" or not?

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Subject: "Timed Freights" or not?

I often see on the rail cam a good number of trains with consist of freight cars, and tankers. Are they just goods and cars being delivered, or is there that many "Timed Freights" scheduled for delivery.

Gene A.

Certainly any customer that receives freight by rail expects to have it delivered in a timely fashion, but I
don't know if there are that many so-called "shut down" cars in transit today. Ford Motor Co. relied on
NS to handle "just in time" auto parts cars to its Norfolk plant. Auto parts cars were more time sensitive
than cars hauling the completed trucks and automobiles. Ford tracked the parts cars and if one went
bad order or was delayed en route, it lead to the possibility of an assembly line shut down. Such "shut
down" cars, as they were termed, were sometimes forwarded to Norfolk on No. 4 or sometimes the parts
had to by flown to Norfolk to keep the assembly line operating. Today ? Well, there's no more Ford plant
at Norfolk, hardly any interchange with CSX at Secoast (CSX handled some auto parts to the Atlanta plant),
and while container traffic has blossomed, merchandise traffic has dwindled. Harry Bundy
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